Sauna is a kind of Hot air bath which is consist of hot and dry weather,a big wooden place, people can sit and lie comfortably inside. In general, the temperature in the sauna is between 50 and 90 C degrees.At Ceiling Height temprature finds 100 degrees.

At a Sauna which is produced with correct Technique with a proper ventilation has between %5 and %10 humidity, people can resist to that weather inside. Fried stove stones’ heat is about 200 degrees. By controlling the relative humidity inside the Sauna Cabin it  is necessary to pour refreshing fragrances mixed with water on hot stove stones. This is the basic features of FIN sauna. In People eyes the uality of Sauna comes from Sauna Smoke’s Quality.

Our company is provding ou own production Sauna Cabins since 1982.

According to the request; All Bunk Bed Back Support Seating Layout Generation should be from Abachi tree, we produce Sauna Cabins from Pine, Cedar, Pine Fine, redcedar or hemlock.

The original name is “Sanitas PER AQUA” (SPA), meaning “Sudan incoming Health”, from the Romans to the present t is the name given to the water therapy.It’s meaning is, The  complementary Terapies  with water, improvement of water use from the health, water, hot, cold and different formats (for pouring, dripping, showering, spraying) won with the implementation of rest and relief.

Our company in recent years, according to widening Spa culture and hence, Spa centers need; Preparing Turnkey Sytems Building control the water, architectural, aesthetic knowledge and experience that, since 1983 various Spa design and applications can also be transferred, and Point for Home and SPA complexes.

In Wellness Applications we generally use below units;

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